Property Management Services

We believe in simple pricing. Our services include four basic fees for Monthly Management, Leasing, Maintenance, and Custom Services. This allows owners to “pay as you go” for just what you need. Click on the buttons below to see what is included in each category. 

Included in our Monthly Management Fee

Payment Management

  • Rent Collection – Tenants have option to pay by online ACH transfer, cash, check or credit card
  • Management of security and other deposits
    • Maintain funds in escrow in compliance with state and federal housing laws
    • Withhold, disperse, and refund deposits when indicated by terms of lease
  • Payment demand process when tenants are late or fail to pay rent.
    • This includes late notices, application of late fees, and other penalties up to and including eviction (with approval from owner)
  • Option to coordinate with debt collection agencies for past tenants with unresolved balances

Tenant Management

  • Access to our entire playbook of time-tested policies on managing tenants to:
    • Increase on-time rent payment
    • Maintain care for home
    • Encourage early reporting of maintenance issues to keep repair costs down
    • Increase responsible pet ownership as it relates to reducing wear and tear on home
    • Retain quality tenants to reduce expense of tenant turnovers and associated risks
    • Reduce nuisance behaviors, increase desired behaviors
    • Provide immediate intervention on all lease violations – damage, drugs, high risk behaviors, etc
    • Help coordinate rental assistance for tenants who enter financial hardship
    • If necessary, coordinate an eviction
  • Resident Benefit Package
    • Required renter’s insurance – we use our bargaining power to offer an affordable solution with better coverage at a lower rate than what individual tenants can find on the market; enforcing this lease requirement reduces risk for rental owners.
    • Incentives for on-time rent payments: improved credit score, waiver of ACH transaction fees, gift cards, local discounts, and other rewards
    • Virtual concierge / Tenant Relations Manager
    • Identify theft protection up to $1M
    • See Appendix D for additional details about program

Property Visits

  • No limit on property visits per month when they are required to perform our duties described under our monthly management fee, leasing fees, and repair and maintenance coordination fees
  • We will proactively visit each property every 4-6 months (depending on length of time under management and duration of tenant lease) if we are not called to the property during that period of time for another reason


  • Unlimited owner, tenant, and vendor communication
    • Where other property management companies set boundaries in their contracts to avoid time-consuming communication, we do the opposite. We communicate as much as is required to ensure all involved parties have necessary, or simply desired, information and we are always looking for ways to continuously improve in this area.
  • Full-time Tenant Relations Manager available by phone, email, text, and tenant portal communications during business hours, M-Th 8a-5p, F 8a-4p (207-500-7027, ext 1)
  • 24/7 Emergency maintenance line, including holidays (207-500-7027, ext 3)
  • Online tenant portal via web and smart phone app:
    • Includes ability to pay rent online, entire history of unit charges and payments plus current balance, text communication with HPM, ability to create maintenance tickets and other requests
  • Online owner portal via web and smart phone app:
    • Includes tenant history, financial statements, ability to make owner contributions online, and document repository with contracts, leases, disclosures, etc.
  • Maintenance portal
    • Notification via test or email (based on your preferred settings) when new maintenance tickets are created, updated, and resolved.
    • Ask questions or share your preferred course of action directly from your text/email notifications to update the ticket and the HPM team

Financial Management

  • Best-in-class bookkeeping practices so you have an accurate picture of your property’s income and expenses
  • Highly consistent owner distributions – paid out on the 20th of each month like clockwork
  • Online financial statements available any time; no waiting for a monthly statement
    • Reports include but are not limited to income statement (aka profit and loss statement), tenant ledgers, general ledger, rental owner statements, and many others
  • If needed, help reviewing and interpreting your financial statements or running custom reports
  • Timely processing of all invoices
  • Invoices for all third-party payments uploaded to your owner portal and attached to each expense on your financial statements
  • Preparation of end-of-year 1099 tax documents


  • Access to our best practices and expertise on rental property management
  • This expertise and experience, drawn from our years in service across all our units, will help you when
    • You need to make decisions to balance cost vs ROI
    • Resolving a maintenance issue in an old Maine home is not straightforward
    • You need help navigating tenant financial hardship, disability, emotional support animals, fair housing entitlements, or requests related to being in a protected class
    • You have property needs unique to owning a Maine home, e.g. well water, septic tanks, and Maine snow removal
  • Our knowledge of local, state, and federal housing laws to help you maintain compliance

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